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And in how many countries does {{answer_38689893}} operate?

With how many employees across those countries?

Which of these best describes your payroll operating model?

How many vendors does {{answer_38689893}} use to run payroll across the globe?

What HCM platform does {{answer_38689893}} use? *

Is {{answer_38693626}} implemented globally?

How likely is it that you would recommend {{answer_38693626}} to a friend or colleague?


Okay {{answer_39580030}}, now let's start to assess your organization's payroll process maturity.
Which best describes the level of centralization of payroll operations across your company?


We're looking at the level of centralization across your payroll process. Organizations that have established centers of expertise for highly complex processes like payroll are able to create economies of scale, drive standardization, improve efficiency and provide the kind of scalability that can support the overall business.
To what extent are your company's payroll cycles harmonized globally?


Harmonizing payroll cycles where possible (to the extent compliance permits it) reduces cycle time and increases processing efficiency.
Which of these describe {{answer_38689893}}'s approach to payroll metrics & process improvement?

SLAs = Service Level Agreements and KPIs = Key Performance Indicators


...we'll save the explanation for each question until you complete this assessment. We'll then share your assessment document in which we'll explain why each question was important and share resources that can help you learn more about each of the topics we cover.
Which of these best describes your level of global payroll compliance management?

What percentage of your outsourced payroll processing is handled directly by the vendor(s) versus their in-country partner(s)?

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Now let's take a look at how technology is used in your payroll process.
How standardized is your organization's payroll technology?

Which of these best describes the payroll self-service functionality available across your organization?

ESSEmployee self-service and MSS = Manager self-service

Which process management & improvement features are incorporated within your organization's payroll? *

In which of these ways is your payroll technology integrated?

Which of the following payroll compliance tools are widely used in your organization's payroll processing? *

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Okay {{answer_39580030}}, now let's start to assess {{answer_38689893}}'s current payroll performance. 
What is the typical time frame to execute payroll processing globally within your company?

How would you describe the accuracy and timeliness of {{answer_38689893}}'s paychecks?

What proportion of {{answer_38689893}}'s global payroll requires manual adjustment?

Which of the following best describes your global payroll reporting capabilities?

What is the current employee satisfaction level with payroll operations across your company?

How satisfied are you with the pricing of your payroll processing vs. the value you receive? *

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